I brought my son to Advanced Body Dynamics, LLC because of Seever’s Disease. He had severe pain in his ankles, heels and knees whenever he did sports. Watching him try to walk after a soccer game was painful! We had taken him to an orthopedist and a Podiatrist. Both said there was nothing they could do but prescribe orthotics, and he would have to grow out of it. We didn’t want to use orthotics because he would become dependent on them. We did try them though but they didn’t solve the problem. He remained in pain.Sean has received Chiropractic and MAT from Advanced Body Dynamics, LLC. He is completely pain free when he plays soccer! This is a huge accomplishment on the part of Pat and Dr. Kelly, as other “experts? told us there was nothing that could help. Sean is able to perform his sports easier and his performance is also better.

Mary for son Sean
Soccer & Competitive Skier

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