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One would not normally consider salt to be a healthy addition to a diet.  Although our bodies do require a certain amount of sodium, we are warned by health officials and nutritionists that too much sodium is bad for us, and instructed to use salt in moderation.  Salt is a critical part of our life and health.  We need salt, so cutting salt out of our diets is not the right approach.  Salt is in our sweat and tears and it’s in our blood and bones.  In our bodies, salt:

  • In proper proportion to water, regulates and normalizes blood pressure
  • Stabilizes irregular heartbeats
  • Helps to balance blood sugar levels
  • Helps us maintain energy levels
  • In combination with other essential minerals, sodium helps regulate metabolism
  • Helps remove acidity from our cells and is a strong alkalinizer
  • Helps our body absorb nutrients
  • Enables the liver and kidneys and adrenal glands to function properly
  • Helps maintain the electrolyte balance inside and outside of cells and helps the cells communicate and function properly
  • Helps prevent muscle cramps, dizziness, exhaustion and convulsions
  • Supports life like water and air support life
  • Helps flush mucus and congestion
  • Helps control saliva
  • Makes strong bones and bodies
  • Helps brain cells function properly
  • Helps regulate sleep and can help us get a good night’s sleep
  • Is a natural antihistamine and can help relieve allergies
  • It’s necessary for proper digestion and works to eliminate digestive problems
  • Helps build a strong immune system and prevent disease and health problems (like gout, spider veins and more) and can help our bodies heal (from surgery, sickness, burns, mental disorders, depression, etc.) and stay healthy
  • Salt is a necessary part of good health

Studies over time have shown that kosher salt or sea salt is preferred over traditional table salt, and touted by health professionals and culinary chefs.  Praised by both, celtic sea salt has the honor of being the most flavorful and healthiest of all the available sea salts.

Celtic sea salt is harvested off the coast ofFranceusing methods originating with the Celts many centuries ago, leaving it in its natural crystal form.  The natural methods used to harvest this particular brand of sea salt enable the crystals to maintain not only a wonderful, clean flavor, but the diverse amount of healthy minerals craved by the human body remain inherent within the salt as well.

Traditional table salt has been treated with various chemicals and refined, removing and destroying any natural minerals and nutrients it once contained.  Bleaching and anti-caking agents are added mainly for the purpose of creating a cleaner looking, free-flowing crystal, but in actuality the result is something rather toxic.

Celtic Sea Salt not only tastes better, more importantly, contains nearly eighty vital nutrients and minerals serving to provide the body with a healthy dose of electrolytes, energy and other healthy body functions such as immune system strengthening and the absorption of nutritious elements from food.  The trace minerals also play an important part in cleansing the body and aiding in healthy digestion.

In Health Alert by Dr. Bruce West, February 1996, Dr. West says:

“Today, health claims are getting wilder and wilder.  None of these claims changes the most fundamental truth about good health—namely, that lifestyle changes with the right kinds of nutritional supplements, attention to your environment, exercise, examination of your body’s structure (i.e. spine, neck, pelvis), pure water, the right kind of salt (we use only Celtic Sea Salt), and a positive mental attitude are the things that make up good health.”

A Quote from Dr. Shamim Daya, January 1999:

“The Celtic Sea Salt is a wonderful, vital and essential food for the body.  Today, when so many people are suffering from adrendal exhaustion, low blood pressure and mineral deficiencies, the Celtic Sea Salt is an ideal and invaluable remedy.  What makes the Celtic Sea Salt so magical is that it is one of the few foods left in nature that is not man made or man interfered with.  So it has a composition of minerals that is naturally balanced and also has an “energy” that is very harmonious to the body.  Many chronic fatigue and adrenally exhausted patients greatly benefit from including the Celtic Sea Salt in their treatment regime.”

At Advanced Body Dynamics, we offer a variety of non-invasive tests to evaluate the overall health of the body.  A very safe way to detect health problems in the body is through our Meridian Stress Assessment.  This assessment is a state-of-the-art tool designed to measure 58 different electrical “circuits” in your body related to specific organs and systems.  Your measurements are then compared against a database of over 1.5 million tests to identify areas of your body that may have moved away from the norm and into an inflamed state.  With that powerful information, the assessment software will assist us in effectively formulating a comprehensive support program that includes detailed recommendations for an optimal supplementation regimen customized to your specific needs.  In addition to the Meridian Stress Assessment, we also have specific tests to evaluate the overall function of your stress (adrenal) glands, pH and how the brain is communicating with the body.  Through these tests, we help determine what additional factors need to be included to modify your lifestyle and dietary choices.  These solutions help to reduce the causes of your health problems and help you live a longer, happier life.




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