Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an extreme athlete, Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) can be of great benefit. Making sure the body isn’t compensating helps you be the best at whatever you are doing. If all your muscles are firing/contracting on demand, it is going to make your activity that much easier, making you feel lighter, stand up taller without trying and have better range of motion. When you are engaged in your activity you should not have to fight your body, you should just be able to do what you do, resulting in more efficient training, better performance, better times, faster pitches, more muscular endurance, higher jumps, stronger rides, faster serves, longer drives, whatever you do, it will just be easier and better.

When the muscular system is working as designed, it can also help prevent injuries. How? If your system is in constant compensation mode it is at risk for injury. It literally is an accident waiting to happen. The body can only compensate for so long before it just can’t take it any more. It is like driving a car out of alignment, the more you drive, the faster the tires wear out. The more the body trains in a compensated state, the quicker it can no longer handle the stress and eventually breaks down.

MAT can also assist in rehabilitating an injury. Conventional therapy addresses the symptom not the cause. This can leave an athlete in a vulnerable position to experience repetitive motion injuries or even a more severe injury.  Muscle Activation addresses the cause providing an environment for healing by resetting the muscles that are not in the game and firing on demand. Resetting the muscles makes the recovery time much quicker, helps take out swelling, and lessens pain so you can be back in the game quicker. When you are competing, you don’t have time to be on the sideline for very long.

Doing MAT maintenance care is the best way to ensure you are performing at your highest level and reducing risk of injury. If the body is not compensating, it is more resilient to do more and take more, giving you that competitive edge. Maintenance care keeps your body running at optimum.

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