“In 2009 I was working with a personal trainer to strength my core while recovering from a low back injury.  I came to learn that some of the exercises were ineffective because several muscles on one side of my body were basically ‘turned off’ and I was not getting a balanced workout.  So I started to see Pat Shockley to get those muscles re-engaged.  The results were immediate and my training became more effective and my level of strength increased.  Shortly after, I also began to see Dr. Kelly Bahr.  I came to really appreciate her ‘gentle’ chiropractic treatment, because I had never gotten use to the traditional ‘back-cracking’ chiropractic style.

The level of support that I get from Kelly and Pat is incredible.   Working as my very own medical team, they have helped me pin-point my trouble areas and have educated me with some simple movements that I can do at home to make sure my body is performing at its best.  Because of their help, I have been able to safely push my body to new levels of fitness and strength, just recently finishing my first duathalon!”


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