Advanced At Home COVID-19 Testing


Absolutely!  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stated that by the time a kids turns 13, he/she has on average experienced over 1000 physical traumas to his/her body!  Now, that doesn’t mean that you took your child to the hospital/doctor that many times, but think about it.  When a child is born, is that a traumatizing experience or is it easy?  I know most mom’s, even if they had a c-section, would tell you that their bodies went through A LOT throughout their entire pregnancy.  Well, the baby experienced all of those things as well.  Also, how often do doctors end up using forceps or suction to get the baby out?  Do you think that might have the potential to traumatize their fragile little bodies even just a little?  When kids start to learn how to walk are they fantastic at it or do they fall quite often?  How often do they hit their little heads on things?  If they have siblings, do they rough house at all?  What about sports?  I could go on and on about the potential things that may have created some stress on their bodies, but I think you’re starting to get the point.  Research shows that children who receive chiropractic care are healthier than those who don’t.  A lot of the common childhood illnesses (colic, ear infections, sinus problems, etc.) have been improved by chiropractic care.  It also appears that adults who received chiropractic care as children are much healthier compared to their peers who never experienced chiropractic.  So, one might be able to say that maybe some of the health problems that emerge in adulthood may have been improved by keeping your spine healthy, which in turn helps keep your nervous system healthy and functioning at a higher level, which keeps you healthier overall.  I can tell you that kids respond much quicker than adults do to care.  They also have this uncanny ability to know when they need to be adjusted and when they don’t, especially kids ages 4 and down.  They are so in tune with their bodies, it’s amazing.   There are techniques that have been modified specifically for children as they don’t require the same types of adjustments as most adults do.  Get your child adjusted today!


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