I started coming to Advanced Body Dynamics because my brother Stephen had been coming as a patient after his eye injury.  I’ve played competitive soccer since I was 4 yrs old, started triathlon racing when I was 11 and have since quit competitive racing this year to concentrate on soccer.  Just like my brother I’ve been always doing something athletic.  I’ve had some serious injuries playing soccer to include some bruised ribs and a broken wrist.  Without Advanced Body Dynamics, I couldn’t have recovered as quickly I don’t think.  My coaches would always joke about me going to the witch doctor, but didn’t complain because he needed me out on the pitch and he knew that I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t making me a better player.  I made All-league first team last year as a Sophomore and team Defender of the Year.  I go regularly to Advanced Body Dynamics because I really haven’t stopped training or competing and I need to get that muscular balance that no drink can provide.  I’ve been already contacted by a number of soccer coaches from Division I and II colleges and I wouldn’t be having those opportunities if I wasn’t on top of my game and in the best playing condition that I could be in.  Kelly & Pat know what to do to fix me up!  Plus… they really care about us on a very personal level!

Competitive Soccer Player

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