I’ve been a competitive athlete since I was 5 yrs old, playing soccer primarily.  I started Elite racing triathlons 6 years ago along with club swimming.  I’ve been going, going for quite some time playing at very competitive levels.  At the end my Freshman year in high school I received an injury to my eye where I had 3 fractures to my face, with the worse being an orbital blowout.  I was devastated, and worried that my entire athletic career was over.  I recovered quickly and was able to train within 4 months of my accident, but when school started back up I started having recurrent headaches which sometimes led to a migraine.  I had to be homeschooled because I was missing so much school because of these headaches, but still able to train whenever I could.  My triathlon coach suggested going to Advanced Body Dynamics to see if they could do something for my pain that I was still having due to the accident.  I wasn’t getting any relief from medications that my medical providers were experimenting with me.  I had alternative medical treatments before for other injuries that I’d had and so was willing to give Advanced Body a try.  That was 3 years ago.  I couldn’t believe that this was the first treatment that I’d have other than acupuncture that gave me even 30 minutes of relief.  Over time, I was able to recover and have continued to go to see Kelly & Pat for just maintenance purposes for my entire body as I’m so active in training for my sports.  I was a nationally ranked triathlete before the accident, dropped out of the rankings the following year, and now last year I was back up in the top 25 last year among the Elite rankings.  I’m pretty much training full-time in soccer and doing triathlons for fun.  I was recruited by the US Air Force Academy, Univ of Tampa, Maine Maritime Academy, Seattle Pacific University, Denver University, and Dakota Wesleyan to play soccer.  I’m going to be going to play soccer and run track for Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa next year, and am thrilled to get a scholarship after all that I’ve endured.  Thanks go out to Kelly, Pat, Glen & Jay!

Soccer Player

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