Absolutely not in my office!  Each patient is tested to see specifically what adjustments they are needing each visit.  I start at the patient’s feet and end up at his/her head and test everything in between.  The testing that I use is the Activator Methods Technique of Chiropractic.  This system not only allows me to see what needs to be adjusted, but how it needs to be adjusted, it allows me to see if we corrected the misalignment and then, just as importantly, I see what doesn’t need to be adjusted.  On follow-up appointments, I utilize the same system to see what adjustments held from the previous treatment and which ones need to be reinforced.  Each treatment builds on the previous one.  Another important point about the technique I use is that it is incredibly reproducible.  If one of my patients moves out of state, I can look up another advanced proficiency rated Activator doctor and refer my patient there for further treatment.  The patient’s care will pick up right where we left off instead of having to start all over again.

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