I awoke lying on the side walk. Then I remember…my left leg had gone numb, and my right leg had exploded in burning pain. I fell where I was standing. Now there was a crowd around me and two paramedics looking concerned. I couldn’t stand or walk. In the following weeks, a walk from the parking lot at DIA to the terminal took about 45 minutes taking into account the frequent stops to bend into the “fetal position?. It made travel, which my occupation demanded, almost impossible. Physical therapy and several visits to back surgeons did not help. One surgeon made me wait 6 months for an appointment. I was depressed, for I was becoming resigned to never skiing again. Finally, someone recommended Pat Shockley and M.A.T. “Yeah right!?, I thought. After my first one hour visit I could tell something had changed. The second visit was even better. I am now a regular visitor, once a month. After missing a ski season, I skied 35 days this year, including some of the best bump runs in Colorado. Pat Shockley accomplished what no other health care provider could – she has given me back my life.


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