Dr. Kelly is now using the Activator V, the latest in Activators!  This instrument is FDA registered and approved.  What’s cool about the Activator V?  It is a cordless, electronic activator. More importantly, it delivers a better adjustment to the patient.

One of the improvements of the Activator V is the resonance frequency or “ripple effect”.  All of the activators have a resonance frequency, each version improving upon the previous.  What’s the big deal?  This ripple effect “resets” the surrounding tissue/nervous system back to normal.

All tissues in your body you have little guys known as mechanoreceptors.  They’re the reason you feel hot versus cold, light versus sharp touch, vibration, pain, why your body knows where it is in space without any visual cues and more.

When a joint gets misaligned (stuck), these mechanoreceptors send signals to the brain in inappropriate timing.  For example, the nociceptors – guys that communicate pain, can become hypersensitive. They fire pain signals to the brain more readily and by less stimulation than normal.

Why does this ripple effect matter to you?  Part of what has been thoroughly researched is how to stimulate all of the mechanoreceptors in the surrounding tissue of an area of misalignment to “reset” these mechanoreceptors back to appropriate/normal signaling.  This will decrease the pain messages to the brain and will, thereby, decrease the amount of pain you’re feeling.  Pretty cool right?

The primary benefit you get when adjusted by an activator, is your nervous system being reset back to an optimal functioning level.  The bonus you get with being adjusted is restored optimal range of motion to the joint.  These combined benefits speed up the healing process. Dr. Kelly has been an associate instructor for all levels of activator for the past 3 years.

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