1. Subway Sandwiches – while the whole menu isn’t fair game, there are some sandwiches that meet the American Heart Associations approval.  Those included are the black forest ham, oven roasted chicken and the club on 9-grain bread at 6 inches – all meet the American Heart Association’s standards for sodium, calories, trans fats and saturated fats.  Subway is the first of the fast-food world to get the “heart check” logo on their menu.
  2. Spicy Foods – they contain compounds known as capsaicionoids, which appear to block the gene that makes the arteries contract, thus keeping the arteries relaxed and allowing better blood flow to the heart.  In studies done in Hong Kong on hamsters, those who had a diet that included the capsaicionoids had lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. 
  3. Beer – in a recent review of more than 18 studies on alcohol, beer has shown to be as good for the heart as red wine.  People who consume a little more than a pint a day can reduce their chances of stroke, heart attack and heart disease by 30 percent.
  4. Burgers – as long as the cow was grass fed.  The reasoning, grass fed beef has the correct ratio of omega-6’s to omega-3’s, which is otherwise way out of whack in the negative direction with conventional beef.  The ratio in grass fed beef is the same as you find in fish.  So, enjoy!
  5. Pasta – whole grain pasta that is.  Whole grains have anti-inflammatory properties and help control insulin levels, which in turn helps decrease LDL & triglyceride levels.  People who ate whole grains on a daily basis where 2.5 pounds lighter than those who ate refined grains.
  6. Eggs – studies show that eggs help increase HDL (good cholesterol) levels and do not increase the LDL levels.  Eggs actually help your arteries stay clear!
  7. Steak – lean red meats have been given a bad name.  The problem has been that the research has lumped all red meats, including sausage, spam & hot dogs all into the same category.  Lean red meats actually have been shown to decrease the LDL cholesterol levels, especially when paired with a healthy diet.
  8. Drumsticks – the dark meat in turkey & chicken help raise a hormone in your body that makes you feel full sooner.  So, you’ll be less likely to overeat in the hours following your meal.  Also, the fat that’s found in the dark meat is primarily the heart healthy fats.  It has been shown to increase your HDL levels and help decrease your LDL levels.
See, eating “healthy” for your heart doesn’t have to be boring!  Of course, eating a balanced diet along with consistent exercise is key for having the best potential outcome for a healthy cardiovascular system.  

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