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Infrared & Weight Loss

Are toxins keeping you from loosing weight?

“Permanent weight loss begins by getting the damaging toxins out of the body. You see, we are the first generation ever exposed to thousands of environmental toxins every day in our air, food and water. These toxins are unavoidable, and when they surpass the ability of the body to detoxify them, we silently, yet steadily, tank up on them”

Sherry Rogers MD, ‘It’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat’

Today, 60% of all Americans are obese or overweight. The Center for Disease Control is looking at the problem and finally understanding that it goes beyond food intake and physical activity. It has been proven that weight gain is occurring without food consumption or exercise being a factor.

Toxins cause obesity without even considering caloric intake and physical activity. Toxins also induce health problems associated with obesity such as inflammation, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, inability to regulate appetite, altered thyroid metabolism, cancers and diabetes. Far Infrared detoxification is a mandatory step to lose weight by removing obesity causing toxins, while relieving the serious health problems that harm the body when overweight.

90 Day Weight Loss Package:

  • Weight Loss / Detox Consultation
  • 100 min Intro package
  • 35 x 30 Min. Appointments

12 Month Infrared Sauna Package:

  • Weight Loss / Detox Consultation
  • 100 min Intro package
  • Use everyday M-Th – by appointment for a year

The following applies to all packages:

  • Bring 3 towels with you each time you come (one to sit on, one for the floor, one to wipe sweat off with)
  • No refunds

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